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C++ developer {nabídka práce}

CZ - Prague
SW Engineering & Development

Popis pracovní pozice

Designing and developing new Scatter features, improving and maintaining existing
• Improving and extending our foundation libraries and algorithms.
• Reviewing code and preserving its quality and performance.
• Helping other teams/developers in the company with integrations of our code and
integrating theirs.


At least 3 years of experience in application SW development.
• Fluency in modern C++, ability to produce safe, efficient, and readable code.
• Ability to work in a team, learn, receive and give constructive criticism.
• Willingness to adopt existing coding conventions and workflows while not being afraid to
suggest changes for the better.
• Ability to follow KISS and YAGNI principles, choosing appropriately complex solutions

We work with:

• Cutting edge C++ standard (C++20) with (usually) latest MSVC and Clang.
• Visual Studio and CLion. Generally, we give our developers a free hand in choosing their
tools but the development itself is done primarily on Windows.
• Common practice of development and QA - code reviews, CI, unit tests, automated
rendering tests.
• 3ds Max SDK and Qt (only for GUI).
• Automation/workflow tools such as git, CMake, Conan, and Python.
• In-house tools we developed to fix weak points of the C++ ecosystem.

Co nabízíme…

A full-time position (minimum requirement of 30 hours/week).
• Possibility to work on software that users love and that has global-scale impact (product

visualization, AAA movies, TV ads, architecture, ...) and an association with the award-
winning renderer, V-Ray.

• Working with a single highly maintained codebase instead of an endless row of single-
use projects.

• Challenging tasks in application programming, feature experiments, performance and
memory optimizations, and more. You don't have to be a qualified computer graphics
• A small team and space for creativity.
• Quick product feedback from our enthusiastic user community.
• Growth within the company, internal seminars, and a whole-company hackathon once a
year. Possibility to move from one team to another one.

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