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Accessibility declaration

This website is not dependent on technologies including CSS support, JavaScript, the displaying of images or Flash. Users of vocal browsers can use hidden links to access or skip to menus.


The authors of this web site adhered to the &8220;Rules of Web Accessability&8221;:http://pris­…tandardy.php?fu­ll. [^]

Web Standards

The source code of this website is valid XHTML 1.0 Strict. [^]

EN podminky uziti

Refusals and Limitations of Responsibility

  • Information published on these web sites arise from the information provided by The Owner.
  • The Owner does not guarantee that the information on these web sites is correct or complete. The Owner is allowed to change the information on the web sites anytime, without previous warning, and bears no responsibility for eventual damages that Users may experience in relation to using the web sites.
  • Some information The Owner publishes on these web sites are taken from other sources, which are stated. The Owner bears no responsibility for the content of the web sites of the third parties, which are possible to visit from the web sites of The Owner. The Owner bears no responsibility for the advertisement or any other kind of promotion conducted by another party via The Owner&8217;s web sites. The Owner does not bear responsibility for the content of the opinions exchanged between the Users of some parts of the web sites (especially discussion forums and discussion groups) and reserves the right to remove anything bearing a piece of information that can be considered as illegal, offensive or unacceptable in any way.
  • The Owner is responsible for the content of information stored on the web sites on requests of Users, only if The Owner could, with respect to the business subject, circumstances, and the character of a case, know that the content of the stored information or the conduct of the User is illegal; or if The Owner evidently knew that the character of the content of the stored information is illegal or the conduct of the User is illegal and The Owner did not take any action that was requested in order to remove or deny the access to such information.
  • The Owner does not have a duty to control the content of the stored information, to search actively for facts and circumstances showing illegal contents of information.