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Researche analyst - Python {nabídka práce}

CZ - Prague

Popis pracovní pozice

  • Developing and driving the  channel partner ecosystem, assessing ICT vendor partnerships and channels globally
  • Designing and developing new indexes and scoring methodology connected to ICT vendor and partner assessments
  • Developing insights and visualizations (in particular, knowledge graphs) from data cross-correlation, intersection, and cross convergence
  • Integrating external and internal datasets to support the development of new product areas
  • Scoping, developing and conducting quantitative analysis on moderate to highly complex consulting projects and research
  • Analysing business and market trends for ICT industries globally
  • Collecting and interpreting secondary research
  • Cooperation with a global team, and communication with analysts and various stakeholders
  • Data management and manipulation, data modelling, and data visualization
  • Data interpretation, gathering insights and presenting of findings
  • Survey analysis and research insight development


  • University BA/MS degree in Economics, Finance, Statistics or Information Sciences
  • Strong attention to detail and accuracy during data manipulation
  • Advance use of Python (Pandas, Numpy, Scipy, Scrapy), Neo4j, or D3.js
  • Analytical and mathematical skills required - ability to design, develop and maintain large models
  • Ability to present findings in a cohesive and insightful manner through visual content
  • Statistical skills including correlation interpretation, and demonstrated ability in creating dynamic-parametric models of complex economic relationships
  • Database management skills for creating and maintaining relational databases
  • Skills in developing visualizations, in particular, familiarity with knowledge graphs
  • Excellent interpersonal skills for client inquiry and internal collaboration
  • Strong documentation skills along with verbal and written communication skills
  • Proficient understanding of technology with the ability and desire to stay current on new industry developments affecting technology needs
  • Strong organizational and project management skills
  • Strong proficiency of English language, written and communication

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